Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am supporting a registered charity?

We have invested heavily in our legal structure and consulted with experts in the charity and gambling industry to ensure correct governance and compliance. Our three-step Charity validation process ensures you are supporting a legitimate registered charity.

Why do you need my billing address?

In the event of you being the winner of the raffle you address is required so the Charity knows where to send the prize.

What happens if not all the tickets are sold before the raffle ends?

If the minimum number of tickets, set by the charity, are sold a winner will be drawn. If not enough tickets are sold and the Charity’s reserve is not met, the raffle will be cancelled and you will be refunded the price of your raffle ticket(s) in full.

Can you claim Gift Aid on the money I have paid to enter the raffle?

A payment to purchase a raffle ticket from a charity is not a gift but a payment for the right to enter the raffle and therefore Gift Aid is not applicable.

How is the raffle drawn?

Winning ticket(s) will be selected by an online random number generator, ensuring each entry, be it bought online or free entry by post, will hold the same weight.

How will I know if I have won the raffle?

The holder of the Lucky Ticket will be contacted by us at the end of the raffle via email.